1.Correctly matched with organ and stem cell niche are all except?

A)  Intestine- crypts

B)  Eyes- limbus of cornea

C)  Brain- periventricular zones

D)  Bone marrow- Paratrabecular area

Answer: D- Bone marrow stem cell niche is – peri-sinisoidal region.

2. Which is the true statement

A)  Rb gene is the key regulator of G2M cell cycle transition.

B) Rb is active in hypophospholylated state

C) MDM2 protein activates p53

D)  p53 activation leads to cell cycle progression

Answer: B – is true, Rb is the regulator of G1/S phase, MDM2 protein inhibits p53 and p53 active leads to transient cell cycle arrest.

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