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PARTHANATOS- A form of cell death

Parthanatos is a PARP1-dependent, caspase-independent, cell-death pathway that is distinct from apoptosis, necrosis, or other known forms of cell death. 

Here are a few key points to be remembered regarding parthanatos.

  1. The parthanatos pathway is activated by DNA damage. This damage is causes the activation of PARP- 1( Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 ) enzyme which activates PAR poly(ADP-ribose).
  2. Parthanatos is a caspase-independent pathway.
  3. Unlike apoptosis, parthanatos causes large scale DNA fragmentation (apoptosis only produces small scale fragmentation).
  4. Necrosis is not a regulated pathway and does not undergo any controlled nuclear fragmentation. While parthanatos does involve loss of cell membrane integrity like necrosis, it is not accompanied by cell swelling.


1.All of the following starements are true regarding parthanatos except?

A. It is a caspase dependent pathway like apoptosis

B. Significant DNA fragmentation is a striking feature of parthanatos.

C. Cellular swelling is a characteristic feature of parthanatos similar to necrosis

D. All of the above.


Answer is B

Significant DNA fragmentation is a striking feature of parthanatos

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