Tips to study for FRCPath Histopathology Part -1

FRCPath Part-1 is an examination conducted twice a year. March (Spring session and September (Autumn session).

Purpose and Uses

1. Individuals looking to shift to the united kingdom. This is the shortest route to GMC full registration for overseas qualified pathologists. Other routes include sitting for exams like (PLAB + OET/IELTS)

2. Individuals looking to work in Middle East and North African regions (MENA). Consultant level employment for FRCPath qualified candidates.

3. Since the examination is designed to evaluate pathologists such, that they demonstrate an appropriate approach to independent practice , the exam will be useful for self evaluation if you are a practicing pathologist.

Ideal time for preparation

4 to 6 months on an average (\This is subject to previous knowledge and experience)

Books to read and approach

  1. Chapterwise systemic review from Sternberg diagnostic surgical pathology or Rosai and Ackerman surgical pathology
  2. While doing systemic pathology including Robbins Pathological basis of disease will be helpful especially the tables, they are very concise and easy to revise.
  3. Making your own notes on the way of systemic review will help in revision
  4. RCPath data sets from the website has all recent protocols referring these along with systemic pathology review and making notes can be helpful
  5. Some resources which can be used to solve questions after completing each system. 1) FRCPath Part 1 preparation guide 2) Practical applications in histopathology MCQ/EMQ
  6. Autopsy. RCPath datasets are sufficient and covers most important topics
  7. Clinical governance: Some important resources
  8. Revision at least twice before the test

Some points to keep in mind while making notes: Always make note of key clinical findings, gross, morphology, immunohistochemistry ,molecular alterations and differential diagnosis. A difference table whenever possible will be helpful.

Practice by solving questions in a timed manner also helps a lot

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  1. Dr.Farjana Siraj Shorna Avatar
    Dr.Farjana Siraj Shorna

    Thank you so much.Is exam centre available in Bangladesh?

    1. Pathology MCQs

      The Part 1 exams are run online and can be sat at home, the College does not host centres presently for taking the exam.

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