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The lens system of the light microscope allows the eye to see an image of the target tissue at varying magnifications depending on the objectives used. The varying lenses seen in the modern microscope are present within the substage condenser below the slide, as well as above it. The additional objective lenses above the sample can be brought into position depending on the tissue magnification required. The objectives are usually mounted in a rotating disc and are brought into alignment with the main body tube of the microscope to select higher or lower magnifications. Light sources produce light in all directions and usually consist of a complex mixture of wavelengths which define the color temperature of the light source. Some sources, e.g. tungsten filament and xenon lamps provide a relatively uniform mixture of wavelengths, although of different amplitudes or intensities. Others, e.g. mercury lamps, provide discrete wavelengths scattered over a broad range, but with distinct gaps of no emissions between these peaks

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