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RENAL TUMORS- Pathology boards practice quiz

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1. True about the electron microscopic findings of chromophobe RCC are all except?
2. Which of the following patterns are predominantly required for the diagnosis of collecting duct carcinoma
3. Identify the false statement regarding renal medullary carcinoma?
4. Identify the genetics Associated with the type of renal cell carcinoma shown in the picture.RCC with t(6;11)
5. Which of the following options given below is suggestive of chromophobe RCC?
6. Identify the false statement regarding SDH deficient RCC is?
7. Tubulocystic renal cell carcinoma shares its genetic profile with which of the following
8. Which of the following renal cell carcinoma is associated with individuals undergoing long term dialysis.
9. Cup shaped staining with Carbonic anhydrase IX is characteristic of which of the following?
10. Identify the true statement regarding nephrogenic rests.
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