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  • FRCPath Part-1 Histopathology Mock test

    FRCPath Part-1 Histopathology Mock test

    Exam pattern free FRCPath part -1 Histopathology Mock test for March 2023 Spring session. Duration – 90 minutes Number of questions- 60 questions Single Best Answer ( SBA) and Extended Matching Questions ( EMQ) Answers with high yield explanations including recently asked and previous year questions. This mock test will be live until- 20/03/2023 Results […]

  • 5 Differences between perilobar and intralobar nephrogenic rests.

    Nephrogenic rests are abnormally per­ sistent foci of embryonal cells (still pre­ sent after 36 weeks of gestation) that are potentially capable of developing into nephroblastoma (also called Wilms tumour). The presence of diffuse or multifocal nephrogenic rests is called nephroblastomatosis. Nephrogenic rests are found in 25-40% of patients with nephroblastoma, and in approximately 1% […]



    The fragments of elastic fibers seen in elastofibroma are typically arranged linearly, creating a “beads on a string” appearance, and are known as chenille bodies.

  • Molecular pathology of ADIPOCYTIC TUMORS

    Molecular pathology of ADIPOCYTIC TUMORS

    Molecular pathology of ADIPOCYTIC TUMORS – based on WHO 2020 Soft tissue and bone tumors. LIPOMAS The pathogenesis of lipomas is related to reactivated expression of the HMGA2 protein, which plays a role in the development of the mesodermal lineage during embryogenesis ANGIOLIPOMA– The majority (80%) have been reported to have low-frequency PRKD2 mutations. CHONDROID […]

  • Molecular pathogenesis of ovarian epithelial tumors.

    Molecular progression of serous ovarian tumor. Borderline low and high grade 1.Molecular progression of low grade ovarian serous tumors. There is data to suggest progression from serous cystadenoma / cystadenofibroma with BRAF / KRAS mutations → SBT (serous borderline tumor) → LGSC (Low grade serous carcinoma) ; however, this is still controversial 2. Molecular progression of high […]

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