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  • All about Peutz-Jeghers syndrome

    Watch the video and answer the following question.. All of the following are associated with Peutz- Jehers syndrome except? A) Sertoli cell tumors B) Adenoma malignum C) Pancreatic carcinoma D) Transitional carcinoma of bladder E) Sex-cord stromal tumor with annular tubules. You may join telegram channel- Pathology mcqs For pathology mcqs, quizzes, interesting facts and updates…



    A) Non-coding regulatory RNA B) Promoter and Enhancer regions C) Exons D) Centromere. Answer: C 2. True statement about histone organization are all except? A) Histone subunits are negatively charged B) Nucleosomes are comprised of octamers of histone proteins encircled by 1.8 147 bp DNA loops C)  Euchromatin is transcriptionally active D) Histone acetylation opens…

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