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  • Histologic findings of inflammatory myopathies

    Histologic findings of inflammatory myopathies

    Inflammatory myopathies Diagnostic criteria and differences of Inflammatory myopathies Pictorial representation of histologic differences between inflammatory myopathies

  • C3 Glomerulopathies

    C3 Glomerulopathies

    C3 glomerulopathy is a broad term encompassing- C3 glomerulopathy cases have low serum C3 levels (hypocomplementemia). C3 glomerulonephritis comprises examples of MPGN types I and III, in which immunofluorescence reveals predominant C3 deposits. Light microscopy  Both C3GN and DDD have similar Light microscopy findings. Immunofluorescence – Similar in both C3GN and DDD Bright mesangial and glomerular capillary wall…

  • Carney’s confusion

    Carney’s confusion

    Ever been confused about the three carney’s- Carney’s triad, Carney’s complex and Carney stratakis syndrome, here are few pointers to remember them easily. Usually occurs in young individuals, especially young females. Genetics associated are unknown 2. Carney complex: Carney complex is a disorder characterized by an increased risk of several types of tumors. Affected individuals…



    Types of DNA Dye The DNA dye may be primarily of THREE types Important features often the three types of DNA dyes are summarised in the image below. Basic Requirements of a Good DNA Dye• Dye should be specific to DNA.• Dye should bind stoichiometric to the DNA content.• Dye should show strong enhancement of…

  • Important molecular markers of non small cell lung carcinoma

    Important molecular markers of non small cell lung carcinoma

    Frequency of gene mutations in non-small lung carcinoma Majority of mutations comprise of EGFR, RAS and ALK Summary of molecular markers of non-small cell carcinoma and therapeutic targets Reference Reference 1 and Reference 2 Some MCQs related to this topic

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