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  • Tips to study for NEET-SS Oncopathology

    Tips to study for NEET-SS Oncopathology

    NEET-SS Oncopathology is an entrance examination conducted once every year in AUGUST -SEPTEMBER Anyone aspiring to become an Oncopathologist in India is supposed to clear the exam after completion of the primary degree(MD/DNB). Every year thousands of aspirants attempt the examination. However, there are merely 23 seats for the said course. The competition is high,…

  • Molecular pathogenesis of ovarian epithelial tumors.

    Molecular progression of serous ovarian tumor. Borderline low and high grade 1.Molecular progression of low grade ovarian serous tumors. There is data to suggest progression from serous cystadenoma / cystadenofibroma with BRAF / KRAS mutations → SBT (serous borderline tumor) → LGSC (Low grade serous carcinoma) ; however, this is still controversial 2. Molecular progression of high…

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