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  • MCQ’S GENERAL PATHOLOGY- REVERSIBLE CELL INJURY with answers and explanations

    1. A 50 year old man presented with mild abdominal pain with mildly raised ALT and AST.  Fatty liver was suspected,  which of the following changes is not seen ultrastructurally in this condition? A)  Generalized swelling of cell and plasma membrane. B)  Nuclear changes such as pyknosis,  karyorrhexis and karyolysis are seen. C) Accumulation of…

  • ROBBINS PATHOLOGY 10th Edition- Chapter-1 MCQ PDF

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    1.Correctly matched with organ and stem cell niche are all except? A)  Intestine- crypts B)  Eyes- limbus of cornea C)  Brain- periventricular zones D)  Bone marrow- Paratrabecular area Answer: D- Bone marrow stem cell niche is – peri-sinisoidal region. 2. Which is the true statement A)  Rb gene is the key regulator of G2M cell…

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