FRCPath Part-1 Histopathology course

Solving questions are a great way to retain and recall information. Our vision is to help pathology residents, practising pathologists and medical students remember and retain knowledge better by solving questions. Our questions are oriented in a way that help in theory as well as practice.

This course is curated carefully in order to cover all important topics and high-yield points required for FRCPath-part 1 Histopathology.

The course will contain topic wise notes, flash cards, tests and pearls covering all the high yield points.

Each topic will have 50 MCQs+EMQs with high-yield points(Exam pattern questions)

Each subtopic will have 10 MCQs with explanation and high yield points

A total of 100 + unique questions per topic will be available

All notes and explanations are from standard textbooks (Rosai Ackerman, Sternberg , Koss cytology, Bancroft histological techniques) along with WHO latest edition updates. Questions from RCPath data sets, Forensic pathology and clinical governance will also be covered.

The course comprises of 4 grand mock tests.

Each mock test will have 125 questions with MCQs and EMQs (questions resembling real exam questions)

Surprise quizzes, notes or updates will be updated every week only for course subscribers.

All questions in the question bank will contain

  1. Explanation – key points to arrive at the diagnosis
  2. Ruling out of incorrect answers- Valid reasons as to why options are incorrect
  3. Potential/ relevant questions from the topic
  4. Reference from a standard reference text

Course price (Regular): Rs: 6250

Course validity : 1 year

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1Breast (LIVE NOW!!!!)10/01/2023
2.Urinary(LIVE NOW!!!!)20/01/2023
3. Male Genital Tract (LIVE NOW!!!!)10/02/2023
4. EXAM PATTERN MOCK (Complete mock)(LIVE NOW!!!!)10/03/2023
5. Gastrointestinal tract (LIVE NOW!!!!)20/03/2023
6. Hepatobiliary and pancreas (LIVE NOW!!!!)30/03/2023
7.Oral, nasal, Thoracic and CVS (LIVE NOW!!!!)10/04/2023
8. Female Genital Tract(LIVE NOW!!!!)30/04/2023
10. Bone and Soft tissue30/05/2023
11.Lymph nodal pathology 20/06/2023
13.Endocrine system30/07/2023
14. Autopsy and Clinical governance05/08/2023
15.EXAM PATTERN MOCK (TOPICS 1-7+ Data sets and forensic pathology)10/08/2023
16.EXAM PATTERN MOCK (TOPICS 8-13+ Data sets and forensic pathology)20/08/2023

Notes and tests will be available on the date mentioned and after that until the course validity.



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