INI-SS/DM- Hematopathology course

Solving questions are a great way to retain and recall information. Our vision is to help pathology residents, practising pathologists and medical students remember and retain knowledge better by solving questions. Our questions are oriented in a way that help in theory as well as practice.

Hematopathology course for INI-SS Hematopathology (DM Hematopathology)

INI-SS exams are conducted twice every year (April and October)

This course is carefully designed to cover all the Hematopathology topics required for INI-SS Hematopathology exam.

DM Hematopathology course will contain topic wise notes, tests, pearls and quick revision flashcards covering all the high yield points.

Each topic will have 50 MCQs with high-yield points

Each subtopic will have 10 MCQs with explanation and high yield points

A total of 100 + unique questions per topic will be available

All notes and explanations are from standard textbooks (Wintrobe, Dacie and Lewis ,WHO Hematolymphoid disorders latest edition). Reference texts will be quoted wherever necessary.

All notes will include previous year question highlights and updates from latest edition of WHO.

Course Price (Regular): 4999

Course validity – 1 year

Find some sample MCQs and notes below

1Erythrocyte disorders
Subtopics: Iron homeostasis, Hemolytic anemias, Deficiency anemias, Thalassemia and hemoglobin electrophoresis interpretation, Iron overload disorders and Differential diagnosis LIVE NOW!!
2.Hemostasis and thrombosis
Subtopics: Platelet physiology, Platelet defects and vWF disease, Normal physiology of coagulation and defects in coagulation, Thrombotic disorders and antithrombotic therapy. LIVE NOW!!
Subtopics: MDS, Mastocytosis, MDS/MPN, Myeloid/lymphoid neoplasms with eosinophilia.LIVE NOW!!
4. Acute Leukemia
Subtopics: Myeloid neoplasms with germline predisposition, Acute myeloid leukemia, Blastic Plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm, Precursor lymphoid neoplasms. LIVE NOW!!
5. B-cell CLPD
Subtopics: Mature B-cell neoplasms, Plasma cell neoplasms, Hodgkin’s lymphoma LIVE NOW!!
6. T-cell CLPD
Subtopics: Mature T-and NK-cell neoplasms, Immunodeficiency related lymphoproliferative disease, Histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms.LIVE NOW!!
7.Hematology techniques/Recent Advances/Automation/Transfusion Medicine
Subtopics: Automated analyzers and flow cytometry, Hematology techniques including staining, Recent advances (CAR-T cell therapy, bispecific antibodies, new targeted therapies etc), Immunohematology, transfusion, apheresis tissue banking and cellular therapy) LIVE NOW!!
8. Grand mock test 1 LIVE NOW!!
9. Grand mock test 2 LIVE NOW!!




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