Solving questions are a great way to retain and recall information. Our vision is to help pathology residents, practising pathologists and medical students remember and retain knowledge better by solving questions. Our questions are oriented in a way that help in theory as well as practice.


Course description: Approach to routine histopathology and cytology specimen and biopsies – An updated pragmatic approach with clinical relevance, of all systems including cytology.

Target audience: Practicing pathologists and pathologists-in-training.

Learning objectives:

  • Update adequacy / diagnostic criteria for particular lesions occurring at various body sites
  • Understand pitfalls (Technique related, processing related and interpretation related)
  • Use of immunohistochemistry- IHC based approach in arriving at a diagnosis
  • Pitfalls associated with IHC -When it is not useful.
  • Understand classification updates based on new information both molecular and genomic.
  • Understand clinical relevance of a report and practice changes that improve and optimize patient care and outcome.

Course format:

  • Course materials
  • Self assessment
  • Quizzes based on real life scenarios
  • Approach based wall hangers with differential diagnosis diagrams.

Contents of the course

S.NoTopicSubtopicsAvailability date
1.Approach to Lymph node pathologyBenign conditions and lymphomas including cytology10/12/2023
2.GI biopsies- Part I (Esophagus and stomach)Esophagus and stomach benign and malignant conditions, including resection specimens with relevant molecular updates.20/12/2023
3.GI biopsies- Part II (Intestines and Rectum)Intestines and rectum benign and malignant including resection specimen with relevant molecular updates (biomarkers).30/12/2023
4. Liver biopsy interpretationBenign (Adult and Pediatric) and Malignant (Adult and Pediatric)10/1/2024
5.Approach to prostrate biopsies Benign, mimickers and malignant20/1/2024
6. Endometrial biopsies – Part INormal cyclical endometrium, Benign conditions associated with AUB, Approach to endometrial biopsies for infertility including exogenous hormonal administration related changes.30/1/2024
7. Endometrial biopsies- Part IIProducts of conception, Gestational trophoblastic diseases, Precursors and malignant conditions with relevant molecular updates.10/2/2024
8. Approach to bladder conditionsBenign mimics and malignancies including cytology20/2/2024
9. Approach to papillary lesions of the breastPapillary lesions of the breast- approach28/2/2024
10. Other breast conditionsBenign and malignant breast conditions with cytology and core biopsy updated criterias, including excision and MRM with relevant molecular updates (biomarkers)10/3/2024
11. Pattern based approach to skin biopsiesPattern based interpretation of skin biopsy- basics20/3/2024
12.Approach to skin tumors (Non- melanocytic)Skin adenexal tumors, Precursor lesions and malignant epithelial tumors30/3/2024
13. Melanocytic lesions of the skinBenign, Precursors and malignant.10/4/2024
14. Approach to small round cell tumorsIncluding relevant molecular updates.20/4/2024
15. Approach to soft tissue tumorsIncluding relevant molecular updates.30/4/2024
16. Muscle biopsy interpretationPediatric and adult conditions with updated criterias10/5/2024
17.Approach to small lung biopsiesMorphology and IHC based approach. Including relevant molecular updates.20/5/2024
18.Approach to testicular biopsiesInfertility testing and malignant conditions.30/5/2024
19. Approach to primary bone lesionMorphology and IHC based approach. Including relevant molecular updates.10/6/2024
20.Approach to brain biopsiesMorphology and IHC based approach. Including relevant molecular updates.20/6/2024
21.Uterine cervix approachBenign, precursors, malignant along with PAP smear – updated criterias.
Including relevant molecular updates.
22. Salivary glandBenign and malignant along with cytology correlation.
Including relevant molecular updates.
23.Thyroid Benign and malignant along with cytology correlation.
Including relevant molecular updates.
24. Approach to renal tumorsPediatric and adult 30/7/2024
25.Tumors of the ovary and fallopian tubePrecursor lesions and malignant (IHC based approach)10/8/2024
26. Approach to Malignancy of unknown originMorphology and IHC based approach. 20/8/2024

Course price:

Early bird (Until 10/12/2023)- Rs: 4500 (Excl. GST)

After 10/12/2022- 5800 (Excl. GST)

Course validity: 2 years

Sample course material

Scenario based quizzes

Quiz 1

Endometrial biopsies- Normal cyclical endometrium

Quiz 2

Endometrial biopsies- Normal cyclical endometrium

Quiz 3

Endometrial biopsies- Normal cyclical endometrium

Quiz 4

Endometrial biopsies- Normal cyclical endometrium

Some approach based wall hangers

Some differential diagnosis based wall hangers

Worksheets with real life reporting and reporting templates will also be provided

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