Approach based course Histopathology and cytology

4500 Excl. GST

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Course description: Approach to routine histopathology and cytology specimen and biopsies – An updated pragmatic approach with clinical relevance, of all systems including cytology.
Target audience: Practicing pathologists and pathologists-in-training.
Learning objectives:
Update adequacy / diagnostic criteria for particular lesions occurring at various body sites
Understand pitfalls (Technique related, processing related and interpretation related)
Use of immunohistochemistry- IHC based approach in arriving at a diagnosis
Pitfalls associated with IHC -When it is not useful.
Understand classification updates based on new information both molecular and genomic.
Understand clinical relevance of a report and practice changes that improve and optimize patient care and outcome.
Course format:
Course materials
Self assessment
Quizzes based on real life scenarios
Approach based wall hangers with differential diagnosis diagrams.

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