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    TRUE NUCLEAR INCLUSIONS CAUSES: 1. VIRAL PARTICLES 2. ACCUMULATION OF EXTRACELLULAR SUBSTANCES PSEUDO-NUCLEAR INCLUSIONS Caused by cytoplasmic invagination SOME DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NUCLEAR INCLUSIONS, PSEUDO-INCLUSIONS AND PSEUDO-PSEUDO INCLUSIONS Illustration credit: REVIEW QUESTION Which of the following virus does not produce intra-nuclear inclusions? (Question from AIIMS SR exam Jan 2023) A. Varicella zoster virus B. Variola…

  • Some Histopathology Short quizzes

    Some Histopathology Short quizzes

    INI-SS HISTOPATHOLOGY MOCK TESTS + MINI MOCK TEST- ALSO USEFUL FOR NEET-SS ONCOPATHOLOGY / FELLOWSHIPS AND SENIOR RESIDENCY EXAMS. Some Histopathology SHORT QUIZZES are listed below.. Key focus: Immunohistochemistry Key focus: Skin pathology Key focus: Latest WHO Updates.

  • Characteristics of Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition

    Characteristics of Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition

    EMT- Epithelial mesenchymal transition 1. It is integral to breast and prostrate cancers. 2. EMT is controlled by SNAIL and TWIST proteins. 3. Down regulation of epithelial markers and upregulation of mesenchymal markers. 4. E cadherin expression is slilenced 5. Strong migratory potential

  • ROBBINS PATHOLOGY 10TH Edition – Chapter 2 MCQs PDF

    COMPILATION OF ROBBINS 10TH EDITION CHAPTER 2 MCQS- PDF DOWNLOAD Find Robbins pathology chapter 2 mcqs with answers pdf for download. You may join telegram channel for more mcqs- Pathology mcqs For pathology mcqs, quizzes, interesting facts and updates – Visit HOME – Pathology for all Join the Facebook page for daily questions- Pathology mcq

  • Types of severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID)

    SCID or severe combined immunodeficiency disease is one of the most widely studied immunodeficiency diseases. Two types of severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID) exist with different modes of inheritance and gens involved. Differences between the two are discussed below. X- LINKED SCID It is the commonest form of SCID accounting for 50-60% Since inheritance is…

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