Clinical Hematology MCQs- 3

Welcome to your Clinical Hematology MCQs- 3

1. You are asked to review a peripheral blood smear from a 19-year-old woman with sickle cell disease (homozygous hemoglobin S). An RBC inclusion is identified and is shown in the picture. The inclusion is composed of which one of the following constituents?
Clinical hematology mcqs
2. Which one of the following disorders is associated with the cell indicated by the arrow in the picture?
Sickle cell anemia mcqs
3. A sickle solubility test is performed by adding sodium hydrosulfite in a phosphate buffer to a hemolysate. If hemoglobin S is present, it will be reduced and form liquid crystals, which turn the solution cloudy. Which one of the following disorders can cause a false-positive sickle solubility test result?