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Which of the following IHC pattern favours Langerhan cell histiocytosis?






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  1. Supriya Avatar

    People with Bombay blood group test ad O group. So anti A and anti B should note there right . Please clarify how option D is true.

    1. Pathology MCQs

      That is correct people with bombay blood group often test as O in routine testing. It is due to the absence of A and B antigens on surface of the Red cells. When A and B antigens are absent anti-A and anti-B will be present in the serum. Additionally, H antigens which are normally present in the surface of O blood group individuals are absent in individuals with bombay blood group. Hence, anti-H will also be present in the serum of these individuals.

      So option D which is presence of Anti-A , Anti-B and Anti-H in the serum in bombay blood group individuals is correct.

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