FRCPath Histopathology – Part 1 course

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Course price (Offer) : Rs:5499 (Only until 30th March)


Course price (Regular): Rs: 7250 (After 30th March until the end of course)


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Start date-10th January 2023

The course will contain topic wise notes, flash cards, tests and pearls covering all the high yield points.

Each topic will have 50 MCQs+EMQs with high-yield points(Exam pattern questions)

Each subtopic will have 10 MCQs with explanation and high yield points

A total of 100 + unique questions per topic will be available with high yield explanation

All notes and explanations are from standard textbooks (Rosai Ackerman, Sternberg , Koss cytology, Bancroft histological techniques) along with WHO latest edition updates. Questions from RCPath data sets Forensic pathology will also be covered.

The course comprises of  4 grand mock tests.

Each mock test will have 125 questions with MCQs and EMQs (questions resembling real exam questions)

Course price (Offer) : Rs: 4250 (Only until 10th January)

Course price (Regular): Rs: 5499 (After 10th January)

Already a subscriber of our NEET-SS Oncopathology course?Contact us for discounts.






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  1. Kannan Prasad

    Prasad Prasad (verified owner)

    Notes are fantastic, Please provide PDF notes

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