FRCPath Part-1 Histopathology Course

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6250 Excl. GST

Course price (Regular): Rs: 6250     Non-Indians Contact us for payment related issues(Western union money transfer or Money gram can be used)        


The course contains topic wise notes, flash cards, tests and pearls covering all the high yield points.

Each topic will have 50 MCQs+EMQs with high-yield points(Exam pattern questions)

Each subtopic will have 10 MCQs with explanation and high yield points

A total of 100 + unique questions per topic will be available with high yield explanation

All notes and explanations are from standard textbooks (Rosai Ackerman, Sternberg , Koss cytology, Bancroft histological techniques) along with WHO latest edition updates. Questions from RCPath data sets Forensic pathology and link all governance will also be covered.

The course comprises of  4 grand mock tests.

Each mock test will have 125 questions with MCQs and EMQs (questions resembling real exam questions)


Course price (Regular): Rs: 6250







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8 reviews for FRCPath Part-1 Histopathology Course

  1. Kannan Prasad

    Prasad Prasad (verified owner)

    Notes are fantastic, Please provide PDF notes

  2. Mona Ahmed

    Good, comprehensive, and up to date questions with clear photos, recommended for FRCPath preperation.

  3. Manal Kemal

    Manal Kemal (verified owner)

    The course is very useful especially as I have no time to review the whole textbook. These notes highlight salient points and easy to be memorized. Thanks a lot. Questions are also based on recent updates and guidelines.

  4. Baran Turan

    Baran Turan

    Great course for every pathologist/resident.

  5. Charles Mathew

    Charles Mathew (verified owner)

    I am a practising pathologist from Philippines, I wanted a course to brush up my knowledge and prepare me for FRCPath exams as i had lost touch with academics. I really like the way the course is framed. You can read the notes then a few practise questions to see understanding and recall. I would say the highlight however are the master tests which have 50 questions , they are not easy . Explanations are sufficiently given at the end of each test. Mock tests are decent too. My only concern is i feel some conditions are not covered, may be they are low yield, but i feel like missing them out

  6. Heba Alyasari

    Heba Alyasari (verified owner)

    The course materials are very useful. I like the question banks , they cover almost all required topic for the exam, the explanations given are crisp ,also some high yield and key information can be found in explanations. Notes are fine for memorizing information and upto date facts. I am very impressed by how they answer queries and doubts instantly ,that is really commendable. Overall I found this really useful for solving mcqs after reading individual systems.

  7. Tameem Afroz

    Tameem Afroz (verified owner)

    Excellent Concise Notes of High Yield Topics.

  8. Amalan Karthigeyan

    Amalan Karthigeyan

    Good questions

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