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1. A 42-year female with a history of missed abortion 5 months back presents with lower abdominal pain . Her serum hCG level was slightly elevated. CT showed A solid mass in the lower uterine segment.The patient underwent TAH+BSO. Tumor shows no necrosis, on immunohistochemistry HSD3B and Ki67 positive > 10% cells and negative for p63 and cyclin E. What is the likely diagnosis.

40. Which is true regarding the characteristics of type I ovarian tumors?

3. A 74 year old woman with cystic intraabdominal mass, underwent hysterectomy with BSO. Grossly, a cystic ovarian mass is identified. Microscopy is shown in the image . What is the most likely diagnosis

Mural noduleMural nodule

4. A 30 year old woman presented with heavy vaginal bleeding for 10 months. Biopsy findings shown in the picture above. Immunohistochemistry positive for CD99, Vimentin and FLI-1 but no EWSR1 rearrangements seen. What is the most likely diagnosis?

EWSR1 neg uterine pnet

5. A 48 year old woman is diagnosed with a 6 cm adnexal mass arising from the broad ligament. She undergoes salpingo-oophorectomy. Microscopically, the tumor has a nodular appearance with low grade cells arranged in a sieve-like pattern and tightly packed tubules with eosinophilic secretions. No necrosis is seen. Mitotic activity is 1/10 high powered fields. The tumor cells are negative for PAX8 and positive for CD10. Which of the following is likely to be true?






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